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Prep School Half Term Round Up

After the joys of being back together again last term, it was a blow to us all to discover that the Spring Term return was to be a virtual one. 

Last year we had the light and sunshine of late spring and summer to help raise spirits. This time around, the days have been shorter and we have felt the chill of winter. Our mission has not altered though; to provide the very best that we can to each and every one of our wonderful pupils. We turned back to our excellent Learning from Home programme, refining lessons, making new plans and equipping ourselves with as much knowledge as possible to teach online.

Here we show just a small sample of what our pupils have been learning about.

Art - P Form have been looking at the Japanese festival of Setsubun, which is held at the start of February. Last week they created an Oni (Japanese daemon) and this week they have been making Maiko-san (trainee geisha) to chase the Oni away by throwing soybeans at it.

Drama - S Form have been creating set designs from scenes of their favourite stories and Lucy, Matthew and Nidal sent us some fabulous photographs.

English - As part of a Scots language match activity in English, T Form created their own tartans for Burns Night. Here are Toluwa’s and Rory’s examples.

P Form have been looking at monster poems, in particular the poem ‘Hey Ma, Something’s Under My Bed’ and drawing their own monster from the poem, using evidence from the text.

Our 2nd Form were tasked with producing a creative reaction to a book and Henry made this amazing mask in response to the Anthony Horowitz novel, 'Necropolis'.

French – Poppy in S Form created a lovely piece of work describing the items found in her pencil case, whilst Jonty, from 1st Form, shared his thoughts on his favourite sport.

History - M Form are studying the Ancient Egyptians and this week they were looking at the powerful pharaohs. The class created their own information lap book or poster, completing their own research about three pharaohs. 

Science –S Form have been exploring reversible and irreversible reactions.  They looked at dissolving, and explored how the temperature of a solvent (water) affected how quickly a solute (salt) dissolved.  Peyton discovered that the hotter the water the more quickly salt dissolved.

Our 1st Form scientists have been looking at body systems and essential organ systems. Emily created this poster to explain how the antagonistic muscles in the arm work.