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Prep School Art Activities

Our Prep School artists have been very busy bees lately, and the Art Room has been a hive of creative activity throughout the day.

T Form have been working on mark making. They choose a mark making card, then study the card to think which materials had been used, and how the marks had been made. They then used the card as inspiration to make a drawing of fruit and vegetable.

In addition to regular art lessons, a new break time art activity has commenced for our younger pupils and is called 'Art Blast'. This is a quick thirty minutes of art fun, with different media being used each week. Today, the Headmaster handed out excellence certificates to the Art Blast group for their super artwork!

Art club has also been running as an activity, with the focus here on hand made ceramics. A small but dedicated group of pupils has enjoyed the space to be creative with clay and their next project is a handmade plate.

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