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Prep - Languages Week

This week brought a true linguistic buzz around the school as we celebrated Languages Week. 

All form groups were allocated languages new to them for the week; they greeted each other every day and followed their timetables in that language for the week. From Māori to Icelandic, we truly embraced the challenge! Forms TB and 2Q also used their creativity in a special prep task designed to test their investigative skills about a language of their choice and present their findings in an interesting way. Who knew that we would reach the heights of trying to understand Hungarian grammar and how Korean characters are formed?! 

All pupils were treated to a visit from Mandarin learners from the College who led an assembly about the Spring Festival and gifted red packets to every pupil to mark this important Chinese tradition. Our very own Mandarin DLT group also performed as characters from the Zodiac and confidently showed off their language, as well as theatrical skills. 

We were also visited by the College Language Ambassadors who taught groups Gaelic and Japanese, as well as played traditional games from different countries in our inaugural boarders’ language fair. This was a real highlight of the week where pupils were taught how to dance Cha Cha Cha, and play Mölkky, German board games and Shinty. 

Our native speakers of French, German and Spanish met with their counterparts in the College in the first ever Prep-Senior Language Café and all form groups rounded off an exciting week with a more reflective task on endangered languages. 

Pupils also competed in teams during their French and Spanish lessons in our own version of the Euro Quiz, testing their proficiency in four European languages: French, Spanish, German, and Italian, as well their historical and geographical knowledge of Europe. Congratulazioni to all winning teams and to everyone for their language learning efforts… 

 “To learn a language is have one more window from which to view the world.”

"The Language Fair was really fun and interesting. We got to play a German board game where you had to roll a dice and move your counter to a German city, but only with the amount of money that you rolled on the dice. We played another game called Möllky which was also very fun! My favourite was dancing the Cha Cha Cha, but I don’t think I was that good at Shinty! I had a good time though and we all enjoyed it!" Phoebe

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