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Prep Garden News

It's been a busy time in the Prep garden!

Following Earth Day, we decided to fundraise for National Geographic's Pristine Seas programme by holding a plant and bake sale next term. To prepare for this we've begun sowing seeds in our fantastic polytunnel and both S Form classes took part in two sessions, which were led by Mrs Hood from the grounds staff team. We sowed a mix of herbs and flowering perennials, and we can't wait to see them sprout.

In other garden news, P Form sowed some wildflower seed into one of the yin-yang shapes and they planted the sweet peas that we brought on from seed. The grass is growing in the other two shapes and the alliums we planted have begun to flower. The apple trees are in blossom, the honeysuckle and clematis have taken off and any day now we hope to see the clematis flower. Bees are buzzing around the garden, with the flowering Hebe proving particularly popular. We also have a new bird feeder in the garden that the birds are beginning to find and the bluebell bulbs that the boarders planted last October are now flowering.

Finally, M Form spent an art lesson creating some very special signs to help encourage us all to stick to the paths on campus.

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