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Arran and Iona Houses joined forces at the weekend to travel to The Isle of May. The weather forecast had originally been quite poor, so we were thrilled to arrive in Anstruther to sunshine and clear skies.

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We boarded the May Princess, a small cruise vessel that took us across the Forth, to the island. The calm seas ensured a relaxing journey. Mrs Scott was very glad not to have to use the travel sickness bags that she had bought along “just in case”!

Once we arrived on the island, we split into small groups. Each group were given a map and an information booklet.

The Isle of May belongs to Scottish Natural Heritage and is one of Scotland’s National Nature Reserves. It is also known as, ‘The Jewel of the Forth’. It measures just 1.8 kilometres in length and less than half a kilometre wide. Although uninhabited today, it was the site of St Adrian’s Priory during the Middle Ages. In recent years, the main residents were the light house keepers, and their families who had left the island 1972 and the lighthouse was fully automated in 1989.

We were very careful as we explored the island, sticking to the paths so we would not disturb the nesting birds. Puffins lay their eggs in burrows, so people walking on them can destroy their nests. We were thrilled to see so many different types of birds, Guillemots, Razorbills, Shags and of course Puffins. We also saw lots of rabbits and some common seals.

We had a great afternoon on the island but were rather peckish by the time we left, so Mr Scott, was given the task of running to the award winning Fish and Chip shop to put in our order. 43 portions of fish and chips is an awful lot! We all agreed that the Anstruther Fish Bar certainly lived up to its reputation. It was yummy.

A big thank you to all the staff that came along on the trip, we had a great day.