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Prep Boarders' Trip to Ratho International Climbing Centre

Yesterday, Iona and Arran borders headed out to the International Climbing Centre at Ratho.

When we arrived, we clambered into our climbing harnesses and completed a climbing warmup. We split up into six groups, rotating through a number of activities. These included some tricky wall climbs, a 25 metre abseil (definitely not for the fainthearted) and bouldering without harnesses.

The day ended with a competition between Arran and Iona. The challenge involved holding onto a boulder, without using handholds, to see who could keep contact for the longest time. Two boys and girls went head to head over a series of rounds, and it was the Iona girls who were victorious in the end!

We had a wonderful day at this amazing climbing centre, which luckily for us is just down the road. We would like to say a big thank you to the instructors who made sure we were safe for the whole day and to the Fettes team for taking us.

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