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Prep Boarders Fun at Gullane Beach

On a breezy, warm Sunday, the Prep boarders very excitedly clambered on to the bus taking us to Gullane beach, our first trip out to East Lothian in over a year.

Once we arrived and made camp, some of us got changed and headed straight for the sea, which it has to be said was pretty chilly! Undaunted, we all splashed around, playing games in the water even managing to tempt Mr Mill in too.

Others had a more leisurely start and decided to tuck into their packed lunches to fuel themselves for the fun and games of the afternoon ahead. Everyone had plenty of room to spread out and play on the sand or amongst the rock pools. We searched for crabs and see creatures and were delighted to spot some sea anemones.

There was a massive cave by our camp which we explored and when we were tired of that we played badminton and volleyball, challenging our friends to numerous games. A day at the beach isn't complete without sandcastles and sand sculptures which we decorated using the beautiful seashells we had collected whilst exploring.

Once it was time to go, we cleared away all of our rubbish and then removed any other litter we could find on the beach. It is such a beautiful area and we wanted to leave it looking even better than we had found it.

Before we went, we visited the ice cream van as a special treat, which was a perfect ending to the outing. It is safe to say that we all had a wonderful day and we're already looking forward to our next trip out.

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