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Prep Boarders at Foxlake

On Sunday the boarders hopped on a coach, put on the Iona and Arran playlist and headed to Foxlake Adventure hub. When they got there, they split into three groups for their activities which included Ringo rides, Archery Tag and Foxfall.

During Archery Tag we played a dodgeball type game with bows and arrows and Foxfall consisted of a large obstacle course over water, a zipline at the end and a drop into the water; it was funny to see the faces of those hitting the water for the first time, as it was pretty chilly! Ringo rides proved to be the favourite with everyone enjoying being pulled along the lake on an inflatable donut.

In between the activities we had lunch and at the end we got our wetsuits off, thanked the instructors and went back on the coach – where there were a few nodding sleepy heads, after a busy, but fun day.