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Prep Art and Music Fun

It has been wonderful to be back in school and enjoying creating art and music together again. 

Mrs Flett’s roving art lessons have been a hit this term and M Form spent their lesson yesterday looking at ‘Beautiful Blackbird’, an adaptation of a tale from the Ila-speaking people of Zambia. This story is all about appreciating one’s heritage and discovering the beauty within. The pupils had a go at recreating the fabulous cut-paper artwork illustrations and adding their own colourful strips to make each of their artworks unique.

Ist Form have been exploring printing techniques and P Form have had a go at producing Kandinsky inspired bee mobiles.

Second Form pupils have been studying Minimalism in music and they have paired up to compose their own minimalist pieces using Sibelius software in their lessons. Attached are a couple of work in progress pieces.  

Meanwhile, the Gallery Choir have been inspired by the recent sunny autumnal weather and took yesterday's rehearsal outdoors.