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Mrs Fletcher's International Food Week Challenge

At last Tuesday’s assembly, Mrs Fletcher challenged us to think about the fantastic cuisines that are found in the world and to create a delicious meal for our families.  

As usual, our pupils rose to the challenge spectacularly. Their aim was to learn a little about cultures through their recipes and to have some fun in the kitchen, producing a meal for the whole family to enjoy. 

Well done to Katherine who made pizza and dough balls for the family, she has shared a photograph of Grace looking very happy with her pizza! The Milburn family also made delicious looking pizzas and wore their caps and sweatshirts bought on the annual T Form trip to Rome. 

Nimrat made a fragrant butter chicken and Calum produced his own fresh pasta. Hamish prepared burritos which were loaded with fresh, colourful ingredients, Fraser made a zingy guacamole and Audrey produced a fantastic Spanish feast. Jemima baked delicious looking Nigerian pasties (recipe attached) and Mrs Quaile joined in the fun with an American barbeque of campfire beans, hot dogs and s'mores.

Nidal sat down to a beautiful meal of Moroccan Chicken and Olive Tagine with preserved lemons, Moroccan Harira soup and Moroccan cakes made from almonds and phyllo pastry and the other with walnuts. Dates are eaten with the soup especially during the month of Ramadan. 

 Nidal’s mother has very kindly supplied us with two recipes to try out at home and said, “My children love Moroccan food, so I try and give them a taste of their culture as often as I can. Food and the sharing of food is an important aspect of the Moroccan way of life.”