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Iona House Spring Term Adventure

On Saturday, Iona House headed into Stockbridge for a shopping trip. We went around all of the charity shops and with our budget each we bought clothing that we could upcycle for a competition to be judged by Mrs Weatherby.  After two hours of rummaging around the shops, we went back to Iona house, ready to upcycle our clothes the next day.

On Sunday, we took our clothing items and headed to the art room. Many of us used loose pieces of fabric to add details and cut our shirts to fit our size. We had four hours to create a masterpiece, and we all tried our absolute hardest. After lunch, we continued with our outfits, making alterations and adding more details.

Our clothes underwent quite some transformation during the process, and we were delighted with what we had achieved. Ingrid won the junior prize, Amy won the outfit with most impact, and Yoyo won the overall contest.

On behalf of the Iona boarders, we would like to thank Mrs Scott for organising this adventure, Ms Younger and Ms Macpherson for coming shopping with us and helping us upcycle our clothing, and Mrs Weatherby for judging. We all enjoyed this experience and learnt some very valuable skills along the way.

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