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IAPS Representative Hockey and Rugby

It is always a thrill for our pupils to be selected to play representative sport and on Wednesday a number were involved in Under 13 IAPS Representative hockey and rugby matches, playing for the Saltires. This year, both sets of fixtures were hosted by Ardvreck and a super afternoon of sport was had by all!


Cian, Cosmo, Harry, Henry, Juan, Kaze, Ruari and Victor were all selected to play for the Saltires and enjoyed a day of wet and muddy rugby, which ended with the Thistles taking the overall win in three very competitive games. The Saltires triumphed over the Caledonians in the first game. 19-0. The Thistles went on to win against the Saltires 14-0 in the second round, and finally the Thistles beat the Caledonians 14-0. This was a fantastic experience, providing our pupils with the opportunity to play with boys from different schools and for some it was their first representative outing.


Lucy, Jess, Layla, Holly, Eliza, and Martha played alongside Cargilfield to represent the Saltires on Wednesday at Ardvreck, against the Thistles and Caledonians. They had an exciting first match against the Caledonians where Lucy scored the first goal to make it 1-0 at half time. The Caledonians came back strongly to score, resulting in a 1-1 draw for the first match. The Saltires then went straight into the second match against the Thistles. The Thistles ran hard against our defence and despite some strong tackling, managed to score 2 goals. Just before the whistle went for full time, Lucy sent a beautiful pass into space for Jess to run onto. Jess showed super composure in front of the goal to score, making it 2-1 to the eventual winners the Thistles. Ardvreck put on a delicious tea to end a wonderful day.