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French and English lesson highlights

This term has been a busy one for both departments, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy and learn more about each subject. Three sessions that have included interactive learning were P Forms' lessons about 'le meteo', T Forms' acting out of their own versions of 'Pyramus and Thisbe' and P Forms' virtual visit from author, Sarah Lean. 

P Form have enjoyed playing at being weather forecasters and using their French vocabulary to let the rest of the class know what weather to expect. They were very enthusiastic despite the recent cold conditions outside of the classroom! After having a go at forecasting, they created weather wheels to remind them of their newly learnt vocabulary.

Our T Forms braved a chilly stage to perform their beautifully and very amusingly written versions of Pyramus and Thisbe which they have been working on during the last few weeks. There was much laughter, some fabulous props and plenty of smiles for each of the performances. Well done T Form!

P Form enjoyed a virtual visit from Author, Sarah Lean, who talked to them about the best way to construct a story. Sarah's latest book is called 'The Good Bear' so they discussed famous bear stories and talked about where Sarah's inspiration for her story had come from.

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