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Does a portrait need a face? Second Form at the National Portrait Gallery...

We refer to our pupils as busy little bees because, as well as their lessons, they are involved in a vast array of trips, talks, social events and activities.

With Fettes Prep being situated in the heart of Edinburgh, our pupils have access to a wealth of galleries, museums, festivals and learning hubs across the city. Taking advantage of this offering, our second form art pupils recently had the opportunity to visit the National Portrait Gallery as part of their Spring Term Portraiture project.

Exploring the BP Portrait Awards, they were asked to address the question ‘Does a portrait need a face?’ in order to gain a better understanding of the processes and artistic approach of portraiture.

During the visit we asked a few of our young art enthusiasts what their favourite painting was:

“Unit by David Booth is my favourite painting as I like the fact that it is a painting of lots of different people and I think it is a pretty good idea. You’ve got the eye of one person and the mouth and nose of another” Alexander

“I liked Pasion Fruit by Luis Ruocco because the colours showed her personality” Megan

"I liked the three Oncologists by Ken Currie because the meaning behind it is strong" Jacie

During the visit our pupils also explored the galleries vast permanent collection, expanding their knowledge of art and its place in history. Thank you to the National Portrait Gallery for an incredible day of learning, we can’t wait to visit again sometime soon.


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