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Prep Boarders - Camping Adventure

Our boarders have had a wonderful weekend of camping fun in the Scottish Highlands. Read Ellie and Ingrid's report below for all the details.

On Friday afternoon we boarders clambered onto our minibuses and headed to Badaguish, near Aviemore in the Cairngorms, for an exciting camping trip. On arrival and with a little trial and error, we put up our tents and headed to the main lodge for a delicious supper of spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread. This was followed by a couple of games before we walked to our tents and got ready for sleep.

On Saturday morning we all woke up very early, mostly due to the lovely light filtering through our tents. After a hearty breakfast we set off for ziplining. There was a safety demonstration at the start and then the groups set off one by one. Everyone had an amazing time, going high above trees and the river; the longest zipline was 350m and the views were spectacular.

Once we returned to camp the staff set up games of hide and seek in the nearby forests. We started with team hide and seek and then it was everyman for himself in a game that lasted particularly long due to some excellent hiders.

On Sunday we split into two groups with Second Form starting off the water tubing activity which they thoroughly enjoyed. Wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets kept everyone secure, and the activity started off gently with slow moving rapids before getting onto the faster flowing sections and rock jumping opportunities. The last rapid was by far the trickiest test of our tube balancing skills and proved a bridge too far for some of us! Once we had all finished and changed into our dry clothes we had treat dinner of takeaway fish and chips at camp and then we decided to treat Mrs Scott to a talent show! After lots of laughter the winners were Ingrid, Ellie and Charlotte with King Julian coming in a close second, and the Second Form girls in third.

The following morning, we got up early, packed away our tents and headed back to school with memories to keep forever. We are very grateful to the staff for taking us and want to say a special thank you to Mrs Scott for organising our camping adventure and giving us such a memorable weekend.

To see more photographs on Flickr, please click on the link below: