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Autumn Term 2020 - Busy Bee Magazine

The Prep School Busy Bee magazine is a visual record of all the wonderful elements that make up life in our school community.

We referred to Autumn 2020 as the ‘bounce back’ term. Despite having Covid-19 protocols in place and trips and fixtures cancelled, we were all so thrilled to be back together again.

We celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of Fettes College, played tribute to the Fettes fallen at our Act of Remembrance, performed music outside, learnt new skills to film our traditional Christmas plays and so much more.

Assemblies took place online, we went to lunch in our year group bubbles and we enjoyed an activity programme tailored to each age group.  Whilst fixtures were off, we had plenty of fun with intra house and year group competitions and honed our hockey and rugby skills in the process. The one sporting event that united us all was not necessarily everyone’s favourite, the House Cross Country run! However, so appreciative were we for an occasion that we could all share, that every single pupil gave of their best to win a valuable point for their houses.

Adaptation was the name of the game and we determinedly crammed in as many experiences as possible, creating a rich environment for learning and play. We are now very much looking forward to the time that we can be together again.

You can see this version of our magazine by clicking on the link below.