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Arran House Challenge to Oban

This weekend we headed up to Oban for our termly Arran Challenge.  We set up camp at the Oban Caravan and Camping Site right on the edge of the ocean and put up our tents facing the sea so we would have wonderful views to wake up to. After that, we amused ourselves by playing ball games and running around while supper cooked. 

After a delicious supper, we enjoyed some stargazing and watched for shooting stars and satellites in the clear night skies, while Mr Hall pointed out some constellations and explained how to use the Great Bear to find the North Star. 

We all slept fairly well and were up bright and early on Sunday to get ready for the big event.  After a quick breakfast, we broke camp and headed off to meet our instructors.  We drove round to the beautiful village of Easdale where our instructors welcomed us and gave us all our wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets.  It was a bit of a struggle to get everything on but we were soon ready and raring to go. 

We scrambled along the shoreline getting used to moving over the rough ground before we came to the point of no return. One by one, we leapt into the Atlantic Ocean!  It was pretty cold to start with but we soon warmed up and with a combination of swimming and scrambling, we moved from low leaps to giant jumps as we got bolder and braver. 

All too soon the fun was over and we scrambled our way back to the safety of Easdale and lunch.  We had such a great time and would like to thank our instructors for a fabulous day and Mr Hall, Mr Leadbetter, Ms MacPherson and Ms Wilcox,for making the trip possible.

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