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A Weekend of Fireworks, Go Karting and Craft

Our much-anticipated Saturday evening arrived with surprisingly clear skies. After donning our coats, scarves, wellies, and glow bands we headed to the Youngs pitches to watch Mr. Hall’s incredible firework display and enjoy the warmth provided by the Estate teams’ massive bonfire!

After the loud, colourful, and dramatic display, enjoyed by us all, we went back to the courtyard where the campfire and benches had been set up. The flames were warm and mesmerising, particularly so with Mrs Scott’s magical coloured powders which lit up the fire pit with greens, blues, and reds. Whilst we enjoyed some fun and games, Mrs Scott was on BBQ duty and produced a magnificent BBQ for us to tuck into, complete with plenty of fresh salad!

Once we had all finished our main course, Mr Mill played his guitar and told us spooky stories whilst we toasted marshmallows. Mrs Scott then produced a scrumptious pudding of barbequed bananas with melted chocolate. We had such a lovely evening, making the most of being outside together.

On Sunday, the fun continued. After a relaxed breakfast in house and time to play we went to the dining hall for brunch. The Iona girls then spent the afternoon trying our hand at some adorable sock stuffed sewing kits. Each kit enabled us to make different animals out of the socks, including hedgehogs, sausage dogs, unicorns, dragons, and monkeys. We needed to concentrate on instructions as well as using our creative talents to produce our unique toys.

The Arran boys’ Sunday consisted of wide games, putting competitions, model aeroplane making as well as fun and games inside and outside the sports hall. We also had an amazing trip out to Xtreme Karting in Edinburgh.