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1st Form History Trip to Stirling Castle

The 1st Form headed to Stirling Castle on a beautiful day for a medieval history lesson.

On arrival, we were greeted by Sir William Oliphant, who was to be our 14th century tour guide for the day. He took us back through time to experience how the castle worked and what life was like during 14th century battles. The tour included looking at some medieval weapons and discovering how heavy chainmail was! We then made our way out of the Castle for lunch and delicious ice-cream from the ice-cream van.

After lunch we began our tour of the Castle with Miss Mair. From this point, the tour led down into the dungeon kitchens to witness the hungry heart of the castle and examine the medieval delights that would have been on offer at the dinner table. From the dark depths of kitchens, we travelled up, to become part of high society, moving through the palatial inner rooms of the castles royal inhabitants. We learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed our visit, the glorious weather certainly helped!

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