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1st and 2nd Form's Production of The Lion King Jr.

The corridors of the Prep School were alive with African rhythms as the joy of the ‘Lion King Jr’ passed through pupils and staff alike.

The pupils of 1st & 2nd Forms worked tirelessly on their production, a process that began back in January with open auditions. These led on to casting for each of the different sections and each of the classes then worked on their individual sections during Drama lessons. The pupils took ownership of their scenes, acting as directors. They fed back to one another, as well as giving suggestions for the blocking of scenes. Many of the creative ideas on show stemmed from the minds of the actors themselves who all performed with such skill throughout the three-night run of the show.

Mr Pettinger had the unenviable task of teaching the pupils songs that included a variety of African languages, namely, Xhosa, Zulu, Swahili & Setswana. Add in multiple ensembles, soloists and dialogue, (both over and between singing) and the incredible sounds that filled the theatre became even more impressive. Mrs Wearmouth and her team of College helpers added the finishing touches of movement and choreography to bring the savanna alive.

We didn’t want to sing the praises of Mrs Weatherby too loudly as we were worried that the wrong (or even right) people would hear and she’d be scooped up in a second by the bright lights of Broadway – such were the professional and frankly awe-inspiring costumes on display; a testament to her skills and that of her amazing team of helpers.  

We had a similar worry about our loss to the professional stage in the fabulous Mrs Bremner, who was responsible for the incredible set that adorned the theatre. Many a pupil’s jaw dropped with their first viewing of the design of the ‘circle of life’ at the centre of the stage which set the stage absolutely perfectly for an inspirational show.

Huge thanks go to Director of Drama, Mr Martin-Nye and his assistants, Mr Bywater and Mrs Quaile- what an amazing team!

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