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Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Throughout the week our 5th Form have been pitching for £3,000 for charity in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.  Congratulations to the winners of the final Freddie D, Edo F, Holly G, Natalie H, Dara O, Lily W and Abbey Wo.

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative is funded by Sir Ian Wood’s Wood Foundation.  Students bid for £3,000 for a charity of their choice, with the key criteria are that the organisation must meet a social need they must have a business plan for the £3,000 funding.

Fettes’ winners chose About Youth, Wester Hailes.  They visited the charity, interviewed the founder and met some of the young people that About Youth works with.  All of this – and the skills they learned about managing a team project – enabled them to speak passionately and persuasively, securing valuable funding for the charity.