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What does Fettes mean to you


Jill Edwards, Head of French at the Prep School, has been a dedicated member of staff at Fettes for 18 years.

Throughout her time at Fettes, Jill has been both parent and a member of staff. Her children have all experienced the fun of life at the Prep School and College and her youngest, Catherine, will be heading to Oxford University this year. Jill has enjoyed playing a pivotal role in developing the language curriculum at the Prep school and has relished the opportunity to share her love of the French language. For Jill, it is a privilege to watch her pupils flourish and she enjoys the opportunities to catch up on their progress as they move onto the College and beyond.

“Fettes means family to me. For eighteen years, my children have played and studied on the campus. It has been a privilege to share this experience with so many other families. As my children and their friends have moved into the adult world, Fettes has equipped them with a genuine appreciation of hard work, built on loving kindness.”

Ed Boulter-Comer, Houseparent at Fettes College, has worked at Fettes for over 14 years. He brings with him years of experience within the Arts and headed up the Fettes College Drama Department for 13 years. In 2019 Ed became Houseparent of Kimmerghame, one of our 4 boys boarding houses. Kimmerghame has a reputation for celebrating people’s individual talents and Ed is determined that Kimmerghame will continue to derive its strength from diversity, giving every student the space and the courage to be what they are.It is members of staff like Ed that help make Fettes a safe and inclusive place. 

"I like Fettes because it changes. It was founded at the cutting edge of modernity and I hope it never stops clearing new ground, where others can follow. I arrived at the start of Craigleith and the IB – bold moves that some decried as the end of the world. I was the only out gay member of staff then, too. The world didn’t end. Bold moves work. I rather like the IB and I am surrounded by a community of LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies who enrich my working life. Fettes changes because you cannot flourish any other way. And flourish it does."

Matty Patterson, Painter at Fettes has worked at Fettes for over 30 years. There is barely a wall at Fettes that Matty hasn’t played a part in keeping pristine and fresh. From boarding houses to The Head’s Lodge, wood-panelled corridors to basement offices, his attention to detail and pride in his work is clear to see. In 30 years, Matty has worked for 4 Heads (and decorated their home) and witnessed the building of Craigleith, The Spens Building, Dalmeny House and William House in the Prep School. Much has changed in his 30 years at Fettes but the warm, collaborative community is just the same.

"Fettes is like my second home and family and has been for the past 30 years. Working here has gifted me with the chance to meet and work with so many different people from all walks of life and I wouldn’t want to have spent the majority of my life working anywhere else." 

Connie Harrison, Upper 6th Student at Fettes, has just completed her final year at Fettes College. Connie has lived on the Fettes Campus all of her life (starting at Carrington House when her dad Rob H was housemaster there). Like many of the students, Connie started in the Prep School and continued her studies in the College, meaning she has studied here for 11 years. Fettes Prep School and Fettes College are both schools situated in our beautiful 100 acre campus, making the transition for our students much more harmonious.

Connie is hoping to study French and Russian at Durham, we wish her every success with her higher education. With just under 3 weeks remaining of the Summer Term, the leavers celebrations may not be completely back to normal, but we know our leavers will still make the most of it and we hope Connie continues to enjoy her remaining time as a Fettes student.

"Fettes means home to me in many ways. I’m aware that I’ve always been lucky enough to enjoy the sociability of boarding house life in the knowledge that a cup of tea with my family has never been more than a three-minute walk away. As I enter my final few weeks at the school, I am confident that Fettes will remain an integral part of who I am, now and in the years to come.”

Burty Scott, Head of UK Admissions, has been a member of staff at Fettes for fifteen years. Burty was houseparent and heart and soul of Iona House, the girls’ boarding house in Fettes Prep for 4 year. Burty’s three children all attended Fettes too so Fettes has played an important part in all their lives. Burty this summer has taken on a new challenge and has joined our Admissions Department as Head of UK Admissions.

"Fettes means to me “family”, not only my own three children who had the privilege of attending this school, but the families that have become part of our extended family. The friendships we have built within these walls are for life and I am ever grateful."