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VE Celebrations

As part of our VE celebrations, we are reflecting on the fascinating memories from our Old Fettesians who were at Fettes on 8th May 1945 to highlight the elation and sheer joy that was felt when Victory in Europe was announced. 

John Melvin (Ca 1944-1947) was 15 in 1945 and recalled how pupils‘ life at Fettes was so restricted in wartime because they were unable to leave campus and ‘the school was confined’. On VE Day however, there was complete freedom and pupils, for the first time in a very long time, were permitted to leave the grounds. 

‘Myself and several others went up town, over the Dean Bridge, we were absolutely free. We spent the whole day in the cinema, watching films, lots of films.  I can’t remember what we watched, but recollect going in and out of the theatres all day, it was absolute freedom!’

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