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Upper Sixth Wellness Workshops

Our Upper 6th students have been taking part in a 'Wellness Carousel' in their PSE lessons this term. Each student has attended a series of workshops focussed on looking after their mind, body and spirit including positive thinking, brain-food & nutrition and pilates stretching. 

Within these sessions all students attended a workshop hosted by Mr Mark Rait on 'Living Without Limits' discussing the specific stresses, strains and challenges that the U 6th might face this year.

Students were taught how to turn negatives into positives and harness the power of positivity while their pilates workshop, held by Mrs Susan Welsh, taught the students how to fine-tune their bodies. They also learnt about the importance of listening to and understanding their bodies with this brilliant session leaving them with a new-found understanding of the connection between the mind and the body and ways to help rebalance throughout the year.

The final session on brain-food & nutrition taught the students the importance of fuelling their bodies with the correct nutrients to be able to function well and work hard. We were delighted to welcome John from the Edinburgh Food and Wine company who gave a food demonstration, cooking up a fabulous Thai broth, full of zingy ginger to perk up brain cells and a delicious vegan, superfood alternative to chocolate. 

Thanks to everyone that took part in these fantastic, educational workshops.