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Tom S Exhibition | The Wonder Spot Cafe

Self-expression helps our students to explore and understand the world around them, gain confidence and think creatively. Tom S, Lower 6th, is championing this creative outlook by independently securing his first solo exhibition at The Wonder Spot Café in Edinburgh.

The recently opened café showcases a monthly exhibition of local talent, with our very own Tom S being the first to display in 2020. Drawing inspiration from a visit to the French seaside town of Collioure and the bold colours of the East Lothian coast, Tom’s exhibition is a collection of 20 abstract paintings that celebrate colour and abstract forms.

Tom enjoys working with a range of media including paint (acrylic and oil), printmaking ink, gloss, copper patina and varnish.  He particularly admires the work of renowned artists Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter, whilst also drawing inspiration from local artists Calum Innes and Paul Furneaux. Their work has greatly influenced Tom’s exploration of textures, layering and contrast.

We spoke to Tom following a successful opening night and he told us: 

“I am really grateful to the Art department at Fettes for their brilliant guidance in creative techniques and generously allowing full use of the resources. They encourage us all to think originally and independently and we are all very lucky to have such great teachers.”

Barbara Conway, Head of Art at Fettes College:

“Over the last few months Tom has been working to develop his painting skills and, in this exhibition, we can see just how well he understands the potential of abstract use of colour, surface work and composition.

We are tremendously proud of Tom; he made this happen entirely through his own determination and hard work. After approaching The Wonder Spot Cafe and showing the owners his portfolio, Tom independently organised and hung his paintings. All of this bodes very well for his future ambitions to keep art at the very centre of his future.”

Congratulations Tom, we can’t wait to see more of your work in the future.

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