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The Balance of Payment Game - U6th IB Economics Class

In the lesson the students played  ‘Balance of Payment Game’.

The aim of the Balance of Payments Game is for students to make as big a balance of payments surplus as possible!

In this activity students worked in teams and decided which policies they were going to use and when. Each policy had two effects - one on the balance of payments (+/-) and the other on the number of seats they had in government.

There is a political cycle of 5 years and the end of 5 years a team’s balance of seats goes back to 0. If at the end of each 5 year period the team has a negative number of seats they are fined 200 points from their balance of payments. The Balance of Payments balance runs throughout the whole game.

Whilst being good fun, the game also taught the students to think about how policies can have multiple impacts on economic decisions; impacts that they may not have considered before.

It was fantastic to see our Upper 6th working so hard but having a great deal of fun at the same time.