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The 39 Steps - Carrington & College West House Play

Carrington and College West combined this term to put on the first post-covid House Play, John Buchan’s ‘The 39 Steps’. The show was performed over 3 nights and included over 60 pupils, from actors, to backstage, to hair/make up and scene painters.

The leading role of Richard Hannay was played by Louis D M whose brilliant performance showed incredible skill as both a physical and comedic actor. Appearing in pretty much every one of the 31 scenes, he was superb and brought the show to life. Imogen H, dazzled with her performance as Pamela Edwards, who began as the thorn in Hannay’s side before becoming the one he could not live without.

It is impossible to mention everyone in this short report, but notable mentions must go to Max H and Hamish F as the Underwear Salesmen, Robin K as Annabella Schmidt and of course the wonderful Adam W as Professor Jordan! Matteo C’s grace about “pressing our bestial noses to the grindstone” goes down as one of the highlights of the show.

It was incredible how it all came together in the end, and all involved can be very proud of their efforts, special thanks to Mrs Smith for giving up so much of her time to direct.