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Rock Trust ‘Untold’ Postcard Art Exhibition and Auction

We are delighted that the following students have had their artworks chosen by judge, Dr Linda O’Keeffe, Head of Art at Edinburgh College of Art, for the Rock Trust ‘Untold’ Postcard Art Exhibition and Auction. 

Ellie K (x 2 postcards)
Emmanuel U (x 2 postcards)
Julia B (x1 postcard)
Lulu M (x 2 postcards)
Rachel H (x 2 postcards)
Tulla B (x1 postcard)
Varvara S (x1 postcard)

From collages to oil paintings, photographs to prints, this varied collection of postcard-sized artworks were brought together under the theme ‘Untold’. ‘Untold’ is a word which reveals that which is hidden, clouded, mysterious, and forgotten. It marks and illuminates the infinite stories and anecdotes that are present at multiple scales, and from different perspectives.

Only 50 artworks were chosen out of many entries from students and young artists to be part of this exhibition which also includes donated works by professional Scottish artists. We are very proud of all the students who participated and recognise the exceptional talent, imagination and skill that was required for the completion of their extraordinary Artworks.
The online exhibition and auction is now live and will run until the 4th December. 100% of proceeds from the auction will go to supporting Rock Trust’s work to help young people at risk of homelessness in Scotland. Many of these young people are artists, musicians, dancers, thinkers, movers, makers, and much more. This bigger story is about the untold potential of every young person.

Ellie K and Emmanuel U, two of the featured students provided a brief summary of their inspiration behind their designs.

“At first I was unsure what I was going to do with the theme ‘Untold’ and then I started thinking about all the things that I have seen that are related to it and the concept of woman’s voices was something that I felt strongly about. My first postcard I wanted to express how women’s voices aren’t always heard, in particular I thought of woman who are in abusive relationships and they can’t always speak out so I wanted to express the concept of their untold stories. My second postcard explored an entirely different theme -  which is when you are playing a card game and people don’t know what you have and that is your own untold story.” Ellie K

“The concept of ‘Untold’ had quite dark connotations to me and I wanted to portray this in my work. I drew the figure of the man in only black and white surrounded by colour. This was to demonstrate that all the colour in his life has gone and he is searching for help and for the colour to come back into his life. I explored unconventional colour pairings as a way of portraying a feeling of mystery and the unseen” Emmanuel U

To visit the online gallery and auction please click here.