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Psychological Society - Guest Lectures May 2019

We were very fortunate over the past week to be joined by two psychologists, both distinguished within their fields, who were able to talk to our Lower Sixth IB and A Level Psychology pupils about careers within Psychology. Mr Ian Matheson spoke to our pupils last week and he is not only a top Occupational Psychologist, but also an Old Fettesian (Moredun, 1970), whilst Dr Claire Gittoes met with pupils this week to speak to them about Clinical Psychology.

Report on Mr Matheson’s talk from Louis K, L6th A Level Psychology student:

Ian Matheson, an OF, gave the Lower 6th a stimulating talk on his field of study, Occupational Psychology which he also described as Business Psychology. One of the most interesting elements of his speech was his journey to becoming an occupational psychologist. He told us how was studying another subject and didn’t decide to do psychology until after his first year of university. He had a number of different jobs before he finally became an occupational psychologist. We also learnt what being an occupational psychologist entails. The work that he described was fascinating as he is a consultant for some huge companies and is able to help them decide who to employ and how to improve efficiency in their workforce. Overall, Mr Matheson delivered a wonderful presentation and was able to answer all of our questions exceptionally.

Report on Dr Gittoes’ talk from Fiona R, L6th IB Psychology student:

Yesterday Dr Claire Gittoes came to speak to the IB and A level psychology students about her experience in the field of clinical psychology. She shared her passion and enthusiasm for her work and gave us all useful information about all the different career pathways that we may be interested in. She spoke about the various aspects of her job and her experience in the field, as well as sharing the logistics of salary, required qualifications, work experience, and much more that I found to be particularly useful and I’m sure others who are planning to pursue a career in psychology did as well.

Thanks you to both Mr Ian Matheson and Dr Claire Gittoes for giving such inspiring and thought-provoking talks.