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Last Friday, we welcomed young and enthusiastic crew of musicians from 5 prep schools across Scotland for a day of fun and music making at Fettes.

Our resulting orchestra was nearly 130 strong and the sound was quite awe-inspiring from the very first rehearsal!

We worked hard on the music throughout the day, developing listening and ensemble skills whilst getting to know each other and enjoying the camaraderie of playing in such a large group.

In the afternoon, Fettes staff led some fun team-building and strategy games which were enjoyed by all. After a delicious tea, there was time for a final photo and rehearsal to put the finishing touches on our performances. We played to a capacity audience of parents, teachers and friends; an amazingly high standard was achieved with some really musically alert playing from everyone.

Thanks to all our visitors form Ardvreck, Belhaven, Cargilfield, St Mary’s Melrose, St Leonards for contributing to a wonderful day!