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Mr Rowland's Service Challenge

At Fettes we pride ourselves on the fact that every student is fully engaged in our service programme so that they can develop new skills whilst gaining confidence and self-awareness through helping others. We are committed to nurturing caring young people who possess a sense of social responsibility and can approach life with the knowledge and confidence required to make the most of their individual ambition and potential.

Service is rewarding, life affirming and fun. It enables our students to realise their sense of worth, their capabilities, and creativity, helping them to become more empathetic citizens. Service is not just concerned with charitable giving: it is about recognising that we are part of a wider community with a responsibility to show kindness.   

We are counting down the days until we are back on campus and can continue with our charitable events on campus. In the meantime, Fettes Director of Service Mr Rowlands is raising money for ‘Super Troop', a charity we work very closely with. Mr Rowlands has set himself the challenge of dragging a tyre up and down the West Drive at Fettes for 24 hours this weekend.  This required a strong mental and physical mindset and Mr Rowlands did an amazing job, completing a total distance of 92.32km. For more information visit our Outdoor Pursuits twitter page by clicking here.

Mr Rowlands, shares with us details about his role and some challenges and success stories from the past year. 

“The Service journey at Fettes College has two mottos, “Leave people and places better than you found them” and “If I can, I will”. This year we have found creative ways to offer service remotely; recording music lessons, narrating literature or packaging unused food and sending it to food banks. We aim to build sustainable links within our local community and the Service Prefects build these relationships and then handover the connection to their successors. Boarding Houses focus on their selected 'Sustainable Development Goals' and every year group plays their part within this mission. The past year has been difficult for everyone but often the smallest task can make a monumental difference to someone else’s life. Service is a core element to the Fettesian experience and one which we hope they will continue to develop in later life.”