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Middle School Science Challenge

Congratulations to Glencorse for winning the Middle School Science Challenge for 2024.

The Middle School Science Challenge Inter-House Competition concluded with a very close competition between the teams from Glencorse and Kimmerghame.   

Both teams had won their two previous rounds and displayed outstanding general knowledge across a large range of different scientific and natural history topics.

Taking the form of University Challenge, fingers were on the buzzers for the Starters for Ten, which were posed by Mr Butlin. The correct answer of these questions gained the team an opportunity to answer three bonus questions which not only required general knowledge but some scientific ingenuity too, missing vowels, name that bird and rhyming answers were just some of the types of bonus rounds. Miss Toland was in charge of all things technological and had written most of the bonus questions. Dr Mathison was keeping score. 

When the final gong sounded the scores were very close, 105 to Kimmerghame and 110 to Glencorse.  Making Glencorse the Middle School Science Challenge Winners for 2024.