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Middle School Play Festival

Aesop’s Fables have rarely been this fun. Given one of Aesop’s moralising animal fables to adapt for the stage in a mere two weeks, the brother-sister house groups impressed in the recent Middle School Play Festival with the lively and entertaining interpretations they performed.  

Directed by Lower Sixth Form students, each of these plays managed to bring to life the fable with wacky embodiments of animal behaviour and some surreal touches of humour.  

College East and Moredun’s rendition of The Monkey as King used dance and a sly Fox to teach us all about the danger of populist politics, whilst Kimmerghame and Dalmeny had exceptionally clever use of the stage and two compelling leading performances in their classic rendition of The Tortoise and the Hare. Glencorse and Arniston recreated the Savannahs of Africa for the tale of The Gnat and the Lion, with an impressive panoply of animals, a memorable Lion, a nimble Gnat and a theatrically sharp Gnat Army. Our visiting adjudicator, Maxine Bryce, however, awarded the Butler Bowl to Carrington and College West for their circus-like, carnivalesque rendition of The Dog, The Cockerel and the Fox. Well done to all involved!