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Macleod Debating Final

The Macleod Debating final took place on 28th February, with Fraser W and Ollie C proposing that ‘This house would prioritise economic growth over environmental protection’, and was opposed by Annabelle P and Iona McN.

It was a well-attended debate with some good points from the floor.  Each of the speakers performed extremely well - there was stylish rhetoric by Iona, and calm under heavy fire by Annabelle, but in the end Fraser and Ollie won the debate on points. Congratulations to them and all our debaters. Thanks go to Nick K for chairing the debate, and to the celebrity guest judges Dr Clark & Miss Gueganton.

Dr McDowell, Head of Politics and Debating Competition organiser said “ The level of debate and delivery of points was impressive and made for a good evening of strong debating. I would  like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues Mr Loudon and Mr Thornbury, who do so much for Fettes’ oldest society.”