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Macleod Debating Final

Closely-fought contests in April led to our first all-female Macleod final in some years, held on Tuesday 5th May, in the Upper. As our Eternal Patron ‘Mr G’ gazed sternly down from the mantelpiece, veterans Bengu C and Ianthe F proposed the motion that ‘This house will travel’, opposed by the challengers Freya B and Clara J.

The proposition were quick out of the traps with a defence of travel as a bringer of globalisation, economic development, and mutual understanding, as well as a chance to relax and discover ourselves. The opposition were ready with vigorous rebuttals and appeals to our patriotism and environmental consciences.

The debate was close, and both sides had learned from the tricks which had been successfully deployed against their defeated rivals in earlier rounds, so less points of information were taken, despite energetic ‘bobbing’ of the type admired in the House of Commons. It concluded with very classy summing-up speeches which were much enjoyed.

The judges took a long time to decide on the victors but eventually, and narrowly, and on points, decided that the opposition had taken the crown this year: warmest congratulations to Freya and Clara. Mr G would have approved of their message of making do with what we have; on his visit to Fettes in the 19th century, he told the pupils that ‘plain living was the handmaid of high thinking.’  

My thanks go to Mr Loudon and Mr Thornbury for their hard work in adjudication, to Freya, Georgina, and Sam for chairing, and to all who have come to support.

Special thanks should also go to Bengu C, Ianthe F, Aidan D and Jamie T, who have been pillars of Fettes debating for several years and who will be sorely missed.