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Lower Sixth Form Play

It is rare that pupils actually make staff cry but that is exactly what happened in response to the Lower Sixth Form Play this year. Based on the work of Frantic Assemble and excerpts from the play Things I Know to be True, Tabitha B, Vanessa C and Imogen V directed one of the most complete and satisfying performances to come from this year group in a very long time. Hugely challenging themes were treated with care and lightness, as the company wove powerful, naturalistic acting amongst elements of physical theatre and Artaudian Theatre of Cruelty.

The ensemble cast of Peter B, Lily C, Connie G, Monty H, Lauren S and Iona W were hugely impressive. Each had standout moments but the breathless churn of family life, with lines, entrances and exits pouring over each other was superb and highlighted the tight, disciplined performance the team had achieved.

Beyond arranging the space and light-rigging, the students were entirely on their own.

A production team including Holly M, Grace D and Thomas L worked seamlessly with the cast and directors.

Ultimately, this was exactly what student-led drama should look like. It wowed Third-Formers, inspired next year’s Lower Sixth Form and yes, it made some of the staff cry.