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Literary Achievements

Congratulations to 4th form student, Favour B-W whose book has been published, ‘A Teenager in Lockdown, A Survivor’s Story’. This is an incredible achievement. Favour is in 4th Form and started writing this book during Lockdown.

Favour started writing this book during Lockdown. Through writing the book Favours hopes she will help other teenagers whose lives have been impacted by COVID-19, to feel less alone and support them during any struggles they may be facing during the pandemic.

Another literary success story is 3rd form student Yiwen S, who has written an article for a Teen's newspaper/magazine in China (21st Century Teens Junior Edition). One of her pieces the newspaper is interested in publishing is the extra verse she wrote for the Bob Dylan's song-"A simple twist of fate":

"Now I lay down on my bed
And weep until my eyes are lead
Walk to the grave among the dead
where soul and heart is lost
my footsteps in the frost
I read your name upon the slate
Longing for a simple twist of fate"

Yiwen explains her reasoning behind writing this extra verse to the song,
“In class, we were asked to tune into the beauty of Bob Dylan’s literacy as we study poetry. We followed his feeling and beat, all the way through and build up a deeper understanding and connection with the writer’s thoughts. I wrote it to express the feeling that Bob Dylan had already built up in the music, but also expand on it and add my own unique section in the story of the song: showing the deep longing for his lover, without cutting off the flow of the song. 

I think our English class focused on lyric creation, particularly this song, because of the beauty and importance of the rhyme and rhythm of every verse, sentence, word. It is also to try and capture the same characters, setting and atmosphere of the original. This allows us to learn how to create a flow throughout the piece, while still sticking to the rules and melody of the song.”

Well done Yiwen and Favour.