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Lifting the NHS

We have seen so much creativity of thought during Learning From Home and a new initiative by two of our Upper Sixth students is a fantastic example. 

Tom B and Finlay D are starting a mammoth challenge of strength and endurance to raise fund for the NHS. Their self-set challenge is to lift 1,400,000kg in the 31 days of May which equates to 1kg for every NHS worker in the UK. The money raised will all go to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

Inspired but the fundraising efforts of Captain Tom Moore and utilising the strength & conditioning techniques developed at Fettes, both boys are going to have to keep their energy up to achieve their goal.

“We decided to start our 'Lifting the NHS' challenge in order to try and raise not only funds but the moral of the NHS staff and volunteers that are risking it all on a daily basis in order to protect us. We took huge inspiration from Captain Tom Moore and the generosity he brought out in people… We've seen how strong the Fettes community is and the major impact it can have when it comes together and we hope everyone will be able to get behind us and help 'Lift the NHS' together.”

We wish Tom & Finlay all the very best of luck in their fantastic endeavour & will bring you updates throughout May.

If you would like to donate, please follow this link: