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Just Bee

Learning From Home isn’t just about academic continuity, it’s about ensuring all parts of a Fettes education are accessible including PSE. Our themed PSE weeks, run by our exceptional PSE prefects, are a true highlight of the calendar and our remote Just Bee Week was just as engaging & thought-provoking as usual.

Just Bee Week was designed to bring us all together to stop, think & considering our happiness and wellbeing. With a theme per day and a wealth of activities, ideas and opportunities, our PSE prefects excelled themselves.

Monday was Bee Happy & Positive with a special Chapel service delivered by Catherine E and Jasmine L followed by a flurry of smiling photos sent in from pupils & staff alike. Tuesday was Bee Healthy & Bee Mindful with a relaxing guided mindfulness sessions from Mrs Wearmouth and some delicious savoury and sweet honey-based recipes from our fantastic catering department. Wednesday encouraged us to Bee Active with an inspirational Chapel from Mr Bredin and Mrs Mill motivating many to take a look at all the incredible content on Fettes Fit to keep us healthy. Thursday was Let It Bee, an opportunity for student and staff to take a step back and appreciate themselves by focussing on how well everyone is doing and being happy in who we are (it was also an opportunity to tune in to Mr Smith’s daily musical musings). On Friday, it was time to Bee Kind, to ourselves and to others remembering that we should treat others how we would like to be treated, especially in times like these. Random actors of kindness were encouraged and celebrated and Bella B-S gave an impassioned Chapel reflecting on connecting within our communities.

Friday also saw the launch of the online Fettes Helpline, a student-led initiative aiming to temporarily substitute The Hub because, in the words of the PSE prefects: “Sometimes, we just need to talk to someone to feel like we have full control over a situation again, or just have a ranting session about whatever that is annoying you!” By creating a completely non-judgemental place to talk providing a listening ear and second voice to guide their peers through any issues they may be facing.

We cannot forget the Just Bee Week baking, what an incredible array of baking talents and delectable delights (take a look on our social media for mounts-watering photos of the winning entries).

Remember, we know these are strange times and we are all trying our best, adapting and being resilient. We are all here to support each other and get through it together so, stay in touch & keep talking.