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Introducing our new Senior Cadets

As we welcome back the Contingent to a staggered return of Combined Cadet Force (CCF) training, it is a great opportunity to introduce our new Senior Cadets. The 8 Warrant Officers command each year group, plan year group training and mentor junior Cadets. The selection process for these positions emulates the ‘Army Officer Selection Board’ including problem solving, interviews, group discussions and obstacle courses.

The Fettes College CCF aims to provide a medium for students to develop teamwork, leadership, communication and resilience. Our 8 Warrant Officers support this training and recently welcomed all Fourth Form students to the Contingent. In addition the Warrant Officers reflect on their own CCF journey and support the Fifth and Lower Sixth leadership courses passing on top tips and examples of challenges they faced in previous years.

Major Rowlands 

Warrant Officer Class 1 - Daniel B (Regimental Sergeant Major)

The main role of being RSM involve collating the ideas and planning done by fellow HQ members, helping plan camps and overnights, ensuring parades are running smoothly and continuously searching for ways to improve the cadet experience. It’s an enjoyable role since it requires lots of communication (particularly pleasing after a summer full of social distancing) and allows you to make the changes you wanted to see as a younger cadet. I was drawn to remain in the CCF by the strong community feeling it created through the camps and useful skills it fostered. 

Warrant Officer Class 1 - Caitlin G (Head of Army)

As HOA I overlook the administrative side of the CCF, helping to put together the training programme for the year and assisting the Company Sergeant Majors with their planning. I work closely with the RSM, to promote the CCF and ensure that it is moving in a positive direction, introducing new activities and encouraging the younger years to recognise the opportunities that CCF offers. I find that CCF is helpful for improving my own leadership abilities and my confidence, and I enjoy the chance to pass on my knowledge to the younger year groups.  

Warrant Officer Class 2 – Erika K (Company Sergeant Major 5th Form)

As one of the 5th Form CSMs I prepare and organise the Fifth Form training syllabus. I also help run the leadership and promotional courses which cover how to teach, build confidence in our junior leaders and mentor cadets from compulsory to voluntary service. I enjoy being a part of the CCF because I get to spend time with a great group of people and there's lots of outdoor opportunities. Personally I have gained confidence and public speaking skills through my time in the Fettes Contingent.

Warrant Officer Class 2 – Catherine M (Company Sergeant Major 5th Form)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the CCF due to the diversity of activities available ranging from basic marching drill in the Third Form to hosting Regular Military Officers at the CCF dinner night. Most challenging was the Senior Leadership Cadre and Warrant Officer selection process, the opportunities to develop new skills has been demanding but very enjoyable. Moving up the ranks has been an incredibly gratifying process and the leadership opportunities have been phenomenal. Getting to practise teaching, presenting and interview skills has been invaluable. I am now in a position to deliver the first promotional Cadre to the Fifth form which has been incredibly rewarding.

Warrant Officer Class 2 – Alex P (Company Sergeant Major 4th Form)

As a 4th CSM I plan lessons and training objectives for the 4th form Cadets. My role is to assist my Lower Sixth Platoon Commanders in developing their Cadets, evaluating training and aim to make the compulsory service as rewarding as possible. I continued with the CCF because it helped me in various aspects of school life such as public speaking, taking charge of group activities and managing greater responsibilities.

Warrant Officer Class 2 – Sofia R (Company Sergeant Major 4th Form)

As a Fourth Form CSM I communicate with the Platoon Commanders to make sure they are updated on military knowledge, confident in delivering fieldcraft lessons and help support discipline if required. I love my role within CCF as it allows me to cooperate and collaborate with people who share a similar interest and is quite different from the other extra-curricular commitments I am part of at Fettes College. During my time in the CCF I have grown in confidence and I would strongly encourage this for junior Cadets.

Warrant Officer Class 2 – Amaya L (Company Sergeant Major 3rd Form)

As 3rd Form CSM, I am responsible for organising all activities and bringing new, innovative tasks and challenges for the new Cadets who join the Contingent during their Summer term. In addition I am responsible for the Fettes College CCF social media where I capture the cadets in action and promote external CCF activities such as the Cadet Leadership Courses and annual camp. Having been a Cadet for over four years I can now appreciate what a rewarding experience it has been and I have been fortunate to work with the younger years helping them with new skills, leadership, teamwork and discipline.

Warrant Officer Class 2 – Soufia C (Company Sergeant Major 3rd Form)

The role of 3rd Form CSM requires me to generate camaraderie amongst the Third Form as they embark on the largest activity at Fettes College. The CCF can appear intimidating and challenging as wearing uniform and learning new skills could seem daunting. My aim for the Third Form is to introduce these activities in a relaxed and structured way to allow them successful transition into Fourth Form. I also support the Platoon Commanders with their practical lesson delivery on a weekly basis.