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Insight into PE

Our L6th A Level PE class are currently studying the Neuromuscular System as part of the Physiology section of the A Level course.

Last week, we visited one of their lessons to learn more about this concept. The focus of the lesson was on the recruitment of muscle fibres. The lesson was split into a theory lesson and then the second part of the lesson was practical in the Games Hall.  Firstly, In order to demonstrate the difference between wave and spatial summation and the difference between the size and number of motor units Izzy U was recruited to performed a squat, a maximal squat jump, repeated squat jumps and a squat hold. Through these demonstrations the pupils were able to apply the theory to this practical example.

The second part of the lesson was spent playing Tchoukball (a fast-paced indoor hand ball sport, invented by Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt in the 1960's) in the Games Hall. Several different theoretical concepts such as muscle fibre types and control of muscular contractions were applied to a fun game that involves throwing and catching a handball and scoring. The game was a lot of fun and the group were fully involved throughout but they were also able to practically apply the concepts of muscle fibre recruitment and how we control the force of muscle contractions.