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Insight into Chemistry

The focus of this term’s lessons has revolved around calculations. Last week they calculated and made a standard solution of sodium carbonate which they used in this lesson to titrate against hydrochloric acid in order to calculate the acid’s concentration. This is a key skill and a common technique, especially in the 6th Form Courses, so learning the necessary skills now gives them a chance to see what taking Chemistry beyond the 5th Form will offer.

Dr Mathison explained “applying investigative skills to a practical gives a real life application of the theory that they are learning”. It is great to get into the classroom and see the teachers and students in action, the highlights for the students are noted below: 

“I especially like the practical side because it shows the link between theoretical chemistry and industrial uses and how we can apply it in every day life.” Tiger L

“Our teacher is so enthusiastic about the subject and knows probably everything about it! She always looks to expand on the syllabus”. Fraser W