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IB Group 4 Projects

Each year, our IB students work collaboratively in small groups on a scientific subject of their choice. The projects involve in-depth investigations, comprehensive research, creative presentations skills and the invaluable opportunity to talk through your ideas with staff and pupils alike. Often working cross-discipline (one group utilised elements from biology, chemistry and computer science in their final presentation), the teamwork is vital to the overall success.  

From making plastic out of milk to evaluating mould growth on bread, the acidity of berries to the chromatography of fruit the projects were varied & overall a fun way of sharing knowledge. 

After some deliberation, Owen C, Katherine G, George G, Pippa A, Connie G and Nicole S were announced as the winner for their project ‘potatoes as a renewable energy source.The team showed excellent collaborative skills and were tenacious and resilient when things did not go according to plan. The science was well thought out and cohesive and the presentation of their project was imaginative and played to the strengths of the group.

The runners-up were: Ornella M, Sophie H, Silvana L, Jacob B, Ellie R and Lia R for their project examining the pollution in three different water sources which showed an excellent level of science and super effort.