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Our IB Art Exhibition is now on show and displays a wealth of talent, creativity and conceptual thinking. Following the exhibition launch we spoke with a few of our students about their work and their experiences over the last two years.


Firstly, we spoke to Lucy (Lucia) R about her work.

Lucy’s project represents change in art, focusing on how the artist is never fully in control. She shows this in many different ways throughout her project with poured ink playing a prominent part. Lucy told us that “there is no way of predicting how it will dry and this chance plays a pivotal role in the final look of my pieces”.

We asked Lucy if she had any advice for students starting this course next year and she said “having a strong project in the first year will ease the transition into Upper Sixth”.

Congratulations Lucy, we can’t wait to follow the rest of your journey! 


We also had the opportunity to speak to Magnus B about his project – the exploration of his childhood interactions with family and friends. He explored the malleability of memories and friendships through the use of delicate materials and manipulation of images from his past.

Magnus told us that “experimenting with different materials and ideas from the beginning gives you a good base to work from. It helps lead you in new directions and opens up new ways of thinking”.

Amazing work Magnus, well done!


Lastly we spoke to Meg H.

Being inspired by things that often go unnoticed Meg’s project visually represents the connections between the people in her life. She addresses both physical connections, such as physical features and less tangible connections such as relationships.

One of Meg’s larger artworks, Guess Who, is a series of flash cards that represent these connections. The cards are inspired by the work of Stefanie Posavec and were created using a set of rules relating to physical appearance. The centre aspect of each card represents the person’s name in symbolic form.

Well done, Meg!


Congratulations to all of our student’s for your hard work, you have created a fantastic body of work!

Take a look at all of the photographs from the exhibition opening night here.


Please note:

Lucy R, Images 1 - 5

Magnus B, Images 6 - 10

Meg H, Images 11 -16