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History Trip to Edinburgh University Library’s Centre for Research Collections

A small group of History students were lucky enough to visit Edinburgh University Library’s Centre for Research Collections this week where they were given a brief introductory talk on the Medieval Manuscript Collection followed by the opportunity to closely examine and handle the texts from the 15th and 16th Century. This included a range of German, Flemish, Scottish and English manuscripts including a book of advice on German grammar, several Book of Hours and ‘Constitutions of the Sisters of the order of the Friar Preachers’. Some were incredibly intricate in their design and the Sixth Form students were able to turn the pages of “Scotland’s most beautiful book”.

Following this, they sat through a brief lecture on the value of utilising primary sources in historical research. They were allowed to examine a book of letters from the reign of Edward III and Richard II, learning about the challenges and victories historians face when utilising such evidence.

It was a fantastic and informative trip and enjoyed by all that went.