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Fifth Form, Model United Nations Conference

As part of their post GCSE programme the Fifth Form participated in a Model United Nations Conference, which was organised and ran by sixteen Lower Sixth pupils.

Debates varied from how the global community addresses carbon emissions to the current economic and political situation in Venezuela. The Fifth Form, most of whom had no idea what an MUN conference entailed, were brilliant and really rose to the challenge. They quickly adopted the attitudes and opinions of their country, even if that did mean pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

In the afternoon’s General Assembly session, the delegates had to deal with the (imaginary) assassination of Donald Trump on his State visit to the UK. The international community jumped into action and members of the G7, the African Union, EU, Arab League and Non-Aligned movement all rushed to deal with the crisis. Special mention goes to Laima G and James G who both excelled in the afternoon session.

Thanks to all who were involved!