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Fettes: Our PlaceĀ 

We are often asked about what makes Fettes special, what makes us unique. The answer is simple, when you visit Fettes, you feel the difference; spectacular architecture; rich cultural heritage;  unique traditions and warm, welcoming community. All those who have lived here, learnt here and taught here, past, present and future, have played their part in shaping this incredible place.  

Fettes is historic yet forward-thinking, traditional yet modern, proudly Scottish yet globally connected and 150 years in the making.  

So in our 150th year, we will celebrate this incredible place starting with a nostalgic and insightful book that will have every Old Fettestian, current students, past parent and future Fettesian thinking about the part they played or will play in the history of Fettes.    

Over the past few months Craig Marshall, our dedicated Archivist, Ralph Hughes, former member of staff (1985-2017) and Karen Jones, Old Fettesian and our Fettes Development Manager, have extensively searched our archives for emotive photographs, fascinating written histories and curious  objects from our history to provide a glimpse of what being a Fettesian really means. 

Admirably combining the past and the present, the book depicts much-loved Fettes places and timeless traditions that anyone associated with 'Our Place' will recognise. We were lucky enough to see some examples of the book earlier this year and we think it’s time we shared them with you too… 

Find out more about the book and our 150th anniversary celebrations on the Family For Life section of our website: