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Fettes College Mock Election

Although many of our students are not yet at voting age, we all exercised our political rights in the Fettes Mock Election.

At Fettes, there has been a high level of interest in what will happen in the UK’s knife-edge election so we embraced the opportunity to capture that interest by running our own mock UK general election.

In the final days of campaigning, the returning officers Isobel T and Lucy R explained how the voting process would work and representatives for all the parties gave passionate speeches to demonstrate why they deserved our votes. With just 24 hours to go, manifesto summaries designed by our teams were circulated to everyone to ensure that the electorate was fully informed.

On Tuesday, the Dining Hall foyer was transformed into a polling station. Turnout amongst the student body was 72.6%, with College East smashing the national average with an impressive 91.5% turnout.

After a very tense vote count, the results were as follows.

1st Place:  29.5% Bella B-S Liberal Democrats

2nd Place:  24.1% Aidan D Green Party

3rd Place:  18.4% Jamie T Conservatives

4th Place:  11.4% Ollie N SNP

5th Place:  7.6% Charlie P Brexit Party

6th Place:  7.2% Flora A Labour

Well done to Bella, the Lib Dem campaign manager Hermine B, and the rest of their team, as well as everyone else who worked so hard on their campaigns or on running the vote. We’ll have to wait till Friday 13th to see whether the country agrees with the Fettes community!

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