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Fettes College 2020 Steeplechase

Thursday afternoon before the first Recommended Leave saw the running of the Fettes Steeplechase. This was run in year groups for the first time due to the current Covid restrictions, however, this did not detract from a tremendous afternoon of House competition.

The year groups were set off in 5 minute intervals and there must have been close to 400 pupils running, jogging or walking the course. They were cheered on by their House mates from around the course and this led to a wonderful atmosphere for the runners.

There were some superb performances across all five age groups, but special mention should go to Rosie D (CW - Upper 6th), Jess A(Da - Lower 6th), Megan E (CW - 5th Form) and a Moredun 1/2/3 for Rory B, Edward M and Gregoire B (3rd Form). Race of the day, however, was the Upper 6th Boys race with Alexander C (Ca) beating Torquil M (Gl) in a sprint finish at the end of a gruelling 5km course.

Congratulations to all who took part. 

For more pictures of the event, click here