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Fettes CCF Contingent - Senior Promotions

The start of the summer term initiates the handover process for the senior leaders of the Fettes College CCF Contingent. 20 Upper Sixth leaders have been either Platoon Commanders, Company Sergeant Majors or the Warrant Officer Class 1’s, Head of Army and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). Their 12 month tenure has been very challenging; adapting their leadership styles and during lockdown even teaching online. Most recently the headquarters team have played a role in selecting their replacements by conducting planning exercises, uniform inspections, lesson assessments and an interview panel.

The CCF is the largest activity at Fettes College and commanding at this level challenges the students powers of communication, planning, delegation and innovative thinking. The leaders taking the Contingent into 2022 have been set the task of offering more Platoon level opportunities outside of the Friday afternoon training sessions. The aim is that the Fourth Form Platoons are tightly bonded, well trained and can start to operate independently when a challenging scenario is presented. The Fifth Form year group continues to be the period of time when Cadets develop their leadership skills in a safe and ‘failure allowing’ environment.

“It has been a privilege working with the outgoing Upper Sixth. It is fascinating to watch them grow in confidence and develop the role they were assigned. Sadly they leave us as they reach their CCF prime but I am confident the pitfalls and ‘top tips’ will be handed over to their successors.”

Fettes CCF Contingent Commander, Major R Rowlands

We are delighted to announce that we have recently promoted the following Senior positions:

Warrant Officer Class 1 – Anna F (Regimental Sergeant Major)

Warrant Officer Class 1 – Zoe M (Head of Army)

Warrant Officers Class 2 – Simi A & Jack H (CSMs 5th Form)

Warrant Officers Class 2 – Phoebe M B & Leila F (CSMs 4th Form)

Warrant Officers Class 2 – Robbie S H & Elspeth M (CSMs 3rd Form)

Fourth Form Platoon Commanders: CSgts Jessica N, Jack W, Sholto F, Leo M, Sam A and Mihaljo J. Plus Sgts Zoe W and Aisha S.

Fifth Form Platoon Commanders: CSgts Harvey M, Charles W, Liam B, Joshua K, Louis R and Theo T S.

Fettes CCF Contingent Commander, Major R Rowlands wishes the students the best of luck and hopes they enjoy the responsibility of command.